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Our Modular Railroad

Our Modular Railroad

On this page we would like to show you our portable modular layout. This portable layout is used for our traveling public displays. It is also used in our adult education program. In fact some of the modules you see here were constructed as part of our program. If you would like to have our club display this layout at your next public event then please contact Dick Clark, our module chairman at 207-946-5304 or email Terry King  or Charles Kadyk and let us know.

Simply click on the small picture to see a larger version of the same picture.  Please be patient while the smaller images load. They are well worth it!

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President - Jerry Johnston
Vice President - Ray Anderson
Treasurer - Terry King
Secretary - Paul Lodge
Webmaster - Charles Kadyk
P.O. Box 1335 - Auburn, ME 04211-1335