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Property Graded – First Tracks to be Laid


Denver, Colorado – Great Northwestern officials proudly announced that the yard area has been grubbed, graded and is ready for laying of track.  “This breaks a 5 year hiatus since we actually owned property.  The next step is to see a train moved,” said one railroad official.  However, the news did not reach the same level of jubilation with all the area residents.  “What’s so interesting about trains?” asked Kevin, a resident living near the yard area. 



The grading allows the first step of reconstruction of the Great Northwestern Railway.  The GNW has purchased the old Denver, Southpark and Pacific right of way from the Burlington Northern, and plans to expand to the west coast via southwestern Colorado.  “First things first, we are planning on serving the local businesses here in the metro area as soon as we can.  This will let us get a revenue stream to expand the system,” remarked the planning officer.



“The grading company did a good job for us.  The place is flat as a board,” said the planning official.  The ground was found to be composed mostly of a pink foam-like material set in layers.  “This stuff is weird, but it will let us complete our goals on time.”  The GNW is targeting early spring to bring rail service to several area industries.




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