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The Sky Appears! - Residents Ecstatic!


Denver, Colorado – For the first time in years, the sky appeared!  Locals hailed the event as a sign that things are getting back to normal.  “Wow, it’s nice not to just have to look at masonite,” commented one resident who declined to give their name.



The sky “just seemed to appear” over the weekend of the 16th of October, through two events that have been described as “coats”, transforming the dull brown sky into a muggy blue atmosphere.  “There seem to be some who still are hoping for a crisp blue-sky day, but this sure beats what we had,” the residents commented.


Amid much speculation, Great Northwestern officials came forth with the explanation regarding this strange phenomenon.  Apparently the sky appeared as a part of an agreement between the Railway and a local artist who only wanted to be identified as ‘Nancy.’  “We felt the locals would accept the new industrial park more easily if we came up with some compromises; we figured a blue sky would be the way to go,” remarked a senior railway official. 


Still, the feelings about the new sky are not uniformly felt by all.  “This is great, if you are looking east; but what about the view west?”  In fact, the new sky is visible only to the east, and even then, it does not extend all the way, and there is nothing to the north, south or west.  “It’s bad enough with the muggy, hot feel of this place, why couldn’t they have finished the job and given us a complete horizon?” said a spokesperson from ‘Clean Air Initiative’, a grass roots environmental group.  “Not even a cloud in the sky.”



But overall, acceptance has been positive.  Most residents seem to be enjoying the sky, even though it is near the future railroad yards.  Sam’s has already opened a shop, and many have been enjoying the new environment.  “This is great!  Now we can do out end enjoy an ice cream under a warm summer sky,” commented a couple sitting on a bench with their dog.  “Now, if the railroad could do something about that pink ground…”  Railway officials only commented that ‘something’ is in the works. 



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