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The Whistlestop

The Whistlestop

Newsletter of the

Great Northwestern Railway


Volume 1, Number 4                                                                                                                             December 30 2004


GNW Develops Downtown Area!



The Great Northwestern announced this week the line has finished rough grading for roadways and rail with key downtown area industries.  The railway now serves a major machine shop as well as completed the Del Monte canning factory spur.  Additionally, the railway has gained access to the prized warehouse district.  Work is proceeding on roadway construction including curb and gutters on major highways.


A key element of the expansion was extensive grading.  “Grading of the property was fairly easy as the ground seems to come off and lay down in sheets,” stated the Railway’s chief civil engineer.  “We were able to simply build up or cut down what we needed, wherever we needed it.




Text Box: SW-1500 works new industrial area.



Downtown residents and business owners of the area are also excited about the progress.  “Up to now, our property was anything but stable.  With the Railway done with this grading, we can finally get settled into our own property lines.”  This jubilation was echoed by the placement of buildings and sidewalks throughout the downtown area over the Christmas holiday.  “The place is getting right comfortable to live in,” commented a local store owner.













Text Box: Warehouse District.



The machine shop is served by a 2-track lead.  Del Monte is a single track spur that actually drops some 7’ in elevation.  And finally, the warehouse district is elevated above the main by some 7 feet, and is served by a single track spur.  Goals for the coming months are to complete the Sand Creek area and push the line to points south.














Text Box: Old Downtown is seeing revitalization!  Mainline in foreground, Del Monte spur in middle.




Still, some are not happy.  The GNW received an unsolicited letter last week stating:  “What’s up with this pink ground?!  Buildings, trucks, cars…all look normal.  And then we have pink ground!  What is this, some kind of fairy land?!”  GNW officials failed to give specifics, but indicated the solution is at hand.


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