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The Whistlestop

The Whistlestop

Newsletter of the

Great Northwestern Railway


Volume 1, Number 5                                                                                                                                January 19, 2005




Pink fields are disappearing!  Railroad is ecstatic!  Locals playing in the dirt! 




































The first of the scenery was laid down in the Warm Springs yard!  Great Northwestern announced this week the tracks are much more stable having been firmly affixed to the substrate.  “No longer are the engineers concerned with the stability of the roadbed; our insurance premiums have dropped, too,” stated the Railway.  And so it is.  Trains are rolling on a firm foundation. 







Still, several of the employees have another opinion.  “Sure, they put down roadbed.  But shoot, the yard tracks are buried up the rails in soil; ballast is all but a joke.  The tracks look like they have been here for years!”  Railway officials declined to comment why the less used tracks are not up to AAR standards.











New Motive Power!


Booming Business Demands Additional Equipment


The Great Northwestern announced this week the third locomotives arrived on-site this week.  A GP-38 was purchased, used, from the Milwaukee Road and pressed into service.  The 2000 HP unit will be assigned to the Warm Springs District to help out on switching and local train duties. 


This is the third unit added to the GNW roster.  The first unit is a leased GP-35 from the Southern Pacific; the second unit is a 1500 HP SW-1500, the railways first GNW owned unit on the property.











“The business demands precluded the opportunity to repaint the engine, we just rattle-canned over the old engine markings and stenciled on our road and number,” commented the Warm Springs shop foreman.  Ugly or not may be in the eye of the beholder.  For now, the railroad sees the new unit as nothing but welcome!





























Chenango Generating Station Reached!


Coal Reaches Starving Plant



The Great Northwestern Railway reached the end of the Warm Springs District this month, providing service to the Chenango Generating Station.  Due to the lower cost of fuel deliveries, the local utility is offering rebates to its customers.  “We used to have to truck in all our coal.  Now with the railroad, we can save quite a bit on our transportation costs,” commented the utility’s PR director.  “This break on the electric bill will be welcomed by many this winter.” 


The spikes had hardly been set before the first of the trains started delivering fuel.  “This is one of the gems in our business plan.  A solid customer with commodity materials is the bread and butter for our company,” remarked the Sr. Marketing VP of the Railway at the opening ceremony. 


Trains will deliver coal and limestone (for SO2 reduction) to the plant on a daily basis.  “Now we need to find crews for all this business,” commented one of the engineers for the railway.  “Seems like it’s just one of us running this whole railroad out here.”  Only time will tell if the railroad grew too big too fast.  For now, both customers and the community are happy.



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