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The Whistlestop

The Whistlestop

Newsletter of the

Great Northwestern Railway


Volume 1, Number 6                                                                                                 April 25, 2005


Sand Creek is “Flowing” with Business!

Warm Springs Downtown Growing!


New businesses flourish with rail service.  Railroad turns first quarter profits.


Regular local and interchange trains are making their impacts in the local community, not only with the noise of the engines, but with the ring of the cash register!


The Great Northwestern, having pushed its rails south into the Sand Creek industrial area, has completed several spurs to serve local industries.  And the result is not only a better bottom line for their business, but also for the railway.


“We are not sure where they get all the stuff we are shipping in and out for them, but we sure move a lot of freight for them,” remarked one of the engineers running the local trains.


This journalist was able to ride along on one of the local trains.  This photo essay shares the news!



Our locomotive is the ol’ reliable SW-1500 1715.  Here we see it making up our train.






One of GNW’s hacks, a bay window caboose, will be our quarters for the trip.






We arrived at Sand Creek Industrial Area shortly after receiving clearance.

(Very shortly)






After cutting the caboose off, the SW-1500 drops off the cars at the Sand Creek area shippers.






The warehouse district is set well behind the main
 and is accessed by a separate spur further down the line.






After returning to Warm Springs, we saw the progress in the Downtown Warm Springs area.






It appears someone cried “fire” in a crowded theater.






We got back in time to see one of the local commuter trains pulling out….






…and were able to catch it as it raced through Sand Creek!






We could hear the rails pop as they warm in the summer sun.




For all the growth, however, it seems there is a decided lack of population.  “While there are people talking, no one seems to be around!”  A quick survey revealed the truth of that statement.  “A city has to have citizens, by golly,” remarked the mayor, “even if I have to glue them here myself.”


GNW officials shared the mayor’s concern.  Although there were rumors there were “boxes” of people ready to be resettled, they did not seem to appear in time for this newsletter release. 


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