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Canadian Pacific Green Goat 1700

GG20B Rosters

Cp 1700

Owner: Canadian Pacific Railroad Number:

CP 1700

Built: March 30, 2006 Serial Number:  
Hybrid History: CP 1700 (2006-present) Converted at: Alstom (former CPR) Calgary, AB shops
Donor Unit: CP 1600 (GMD GP9u) Built: 1957
Build No.: A1146 Frame No.: C225-?
Unit History: Canadian Pacific (CP) 8690 (GMD GP9)    
  CP 1600 (rebuilt in 1985 to GP9u)    



Can be called a Phase III body style, with larger vents over the batteries. There are some minor component differences as well.


CP 1700 is the first of a 35-unit order by Canadian Pacific. CP 1700-1706 were to be constructed in 2005 for testing. If the tests of the first seven units is satisfactory, the remaining 28 units (CP 1707-1734) were to go into production between 2006-2008. From CP Railway press release 3-14-2005.

CP 1700 delivered in Jan. 2006. No idea how that will shift the timetable for the 28 contingent units.

Presently (April, 2006) in service in Calgary, AB according to photographic evidence.


Donor unit history from the CP Locomotive Roster and Photo Archives.


Build dates from Bytown Rail Society "Branchline" Magazine.


Rumored that this unit might have been retired and resold as AMTK 559. Information is not yet (as of Oct., 2006) confirmed.

Photo 2
CP 1700 in Calgary, AB. Photo by Doug Mackenzie. Click to enlarge.
Photo 3
CP 1700 under construction at Alstom's Ogden shops in Calgary. Photo by Doug Mackenzie. Click to enlarge.
CP1701 and RPRX 2402
CP 1700 and RPRX 2402 at CP's Alyth Yard in Calgary. Photo by Doug Mackenzie. Click to enlarge.

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