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Oregon & Northwestern Railroad- 20 Years Gone

Oregon & Northwestern Railroad
20 Years Gone- Page 1

On Labor Day Weekend 2004 the author of this website took a brief tour of the former route of the Oregon & Northwestern to capture photos of what the route looks like twenty years after the operation passed from the scene. The pictures from this trip have been spread across three pages. All photos are by Jeff Moore.

An overview of the sawmill site. The log pond once occupied the ground between the highway and the sawmill; it has long since been filled in, and some development is rising on the fill.

Most of the old sawmill buildings are gone. Only the landmark smokestack remains.

The largest of the old drying sheds. The UP Burns branch once ran along the side of the shed. The shed now stands mostly vacant, with a few small business operating inside.

The Oregon & Northwestern shop building still stands and is in use for some purpose or another.

The front of the old shop building.

The Oregon & Northwestern grade exited the sawmill complex through this opening in the fence.

Looking northward up the old grade towards Burns.

We're standing in downtown Burns in this shot looking North. The Union Pacific yard was located on the other side of the buildings to the right.

The O&NW crossed Highway 78 at this point and passed between the two houses on the other side of the pavement. The railroad passed through the middle of residential neighborhoods from this point to the edge of Burns.

Looking south down the old grade from a former grade crossing several blocks north of the old Highway 78 crossing.