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Union Pacific- Building Crane Branch

Union Pacific
Building the Crane Branch

In mid-March Brian Winchester contacted High Desert Rails with an offer to share some his grandfather's photographs of some time he spent as a surveyor on the building of the UP branch to Crane in 1916. High Desert Rails thanks Brian for his offer, and the photos are displayed below. All photos are from the collection of Brian Winchester and are used with permission.

A speeder posed on the bridge over the Malheur River at Dunnean.

An overview of Bridge #9 and Tunnel #6-03 east of Juntura.

Another view of Bridge #9 and Tunnel #6-03.

The mouth of Tunnel #6-03.

Rocks above the mouth of Tunnel #6-03.

Early railroad facilities in Juntura.

A shot of Crane, likely taken right as the railroad reached town.

A portion of a blueprint showing early track arrangement in Crane.