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Union Pacific Burns Branch- Wayne Monger Photos

Union Pacific
Burns Branch photos by Wayne Monger

If February 1984 the rising waters of Malheur and Harney Lakes threatened the continued operations of Union Pacific's Burns branch and the connecting Oregon & Northwestern Railroad. A small group of photographers made the long trip to central Oregon to record the end. One of those fans, Wayne Monger, recorded these images of what may have been the second to last UP train to Burns on the morning of 23 February 1986.

UP GP38-2 #2051 resting next to the Burns depot, ready for the eastward departure. On the right side of the photograph the second to last Oregon & Northwestern railroad train to ever operate north from Burns can be seen behind their Baldwin AS-616 #1.

Another shot of the #2051 waiting for departure.

The #2051 is doing some switching in the Burns yard before starting the long trek eastward across the desert to the mainline connection in Ontario.