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Major changes took place on the server on July 1, 2002. Over 500 websites hosted at have already made the modifications to their own websites that were necessary to remain compatible with being hosted at TrainWeb. If you were asked to read this page, then the server changes have not yet been applied to your website. But, we do need you to adapt your website to our new server requirements as soon as possible if you intend to keep your website hosted at TrainWeb. These new requirements apply to ALL websites hosted on the server, regardless of whether or not your URL begins with These changes DO NOT apply to sponsors paying for banner ads nor to railroad magazines hosted free at TrainWeb.

  • If you have any HTML banner advertising code on your website to promote either TrainWeb or our sponsors, please remove that code. If you have HTML code that links to, please remove that code. If you have HTML code for the TrainWeb RAILring, please leave that code in!

  • If you are using HTML code that we gave you for a page visit counter, please remove that HTML code. As an alternative, see . You can obtain a free counter from that website and start the count at where your old counter left off.

  • If your website uses frames, please convert your website to a non-frame website. After the web server changes are implemented, your web pages will not display at all if they contain frames. Click here for information on why we can no longer support websites that use frames.

  • The server will no longer support anything more than basic web features. If all you have on your website are .HTML, .JPG and .GIF files and you do not use frames, then your website will probably continue to work fine after the changes. Sound and video clips will still work, but we would like those kept to a minimum so that we can provide enough bandwidth for everyone. CGI Scripts, Server Side Includes (SSI) and other advanced web features will no longer work after the web server change. To process forms, run forums, or provide other services to your visitors, please consider using similar free services provided by You can be hosted at and still enjoy most of the features provided by

  • A header identical to the one that you see at the top of this page will be automatically inserted at the top of every page on your web site by our web server. The header contains a clickable sponsor banner, a search feature, and a link to promote all rail websites hosted free at TrainWeb. Click here for more information.

  • Please visit Members FAQ section. Last updated 07-04-2002.

If you don't have any problem with the above changes, then that is all you need to do and you don't need to read any further! If you have technical or philosophical problems with the above changes, then please CLICK HERE to read why these changes are necessary and how our redesign of is going to greatly enhance the promotion of your own website!

When visitors view your pages at, they will see a short header on every page. This header will contain a clickable banner ad from one of the sponsors of TrainWeb that will automatically change, as well as a few other links to promote all the TrainWeb sites, including your own website!

If for any reason you decide that you no longer wish to have your website hosted at TrainWeb, we have suggested some alternatives for your web hosting needs. Click here if you wish to view those suggestions.

I would greatly appreciate an e-mail to letting me know if you plan to keep your web account on the server or not. In the e-mail, please provide me with your web address and your name. Thanks!

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