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 Free Web Hosting
Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up for free web hosting and become a member of the largest railroad community on the web. Currently there are over 800 web sites hosted on the web servers of TrainWeb. There are over 444,000 page visits to TrainWeb every month by more than 200,000 train enthusiasts, or over 5 million page visits per year!. We are the busiest railroad community on the web.


Below are some of the common questions that we receive from our members. If you have a question that is not covered here, then just send us an email.



  • What is is a community of railroad websites hosted free on a TrainWeb server. TrainWeb has been providing FREE web hosting since 1996 to organizations and individuals that offer railroad related information and photographs for the enjoyment and education of the public.

  • How do I sign up?

    Visit sign up page and just follow the instructions.

  • What is my web address?

    Your web address will be like this : Where membername is the account name requested by you in the sign up process and that has been assigned to you by TrainWeb. For short, visitors can also just type into their web browser.

  • How long does it take to set up my new account?

    Usually it takes less than 3 days. Once your account is created, you will receive an e-mail containing your access codes.

  • Can I use my own domain name?

    YES, as long as your domain registrar allows URL forwarding. In simple words, we will create an account for you with and all you will have to do is use the domain name forwarding feature which is generally provided by your domain registrar to this account. Click here for further details.

  • Will you be placing any advertising on my site?

    YES. Banner ads will be automatically inserted at the top and bottom of each page of your website. These banner ads will look similar to the ones you see at the top and bottom of this page. We NEVER use pop-up ads or any types of ads that cover the content of your own web pages. If you do see our page headers or page trailers overwriting your content, it is probably because you are using ABSOLUTE ADDRESSING in your web page design. Please DO NOT USE ABSOLUTE ADDRESSING in your web page design. Our web server automatically serves the TrainWeb page header and then serves your web page. Once your web page has finished being served to the web visitor, our web server then automatically serves the TrainWeb page footer. If you use Absolute Addressing, then your page will get meshed with the automatic TrainWeb headers and footers. Stay away from Absolute Addressing when designing your web pages and you will not have a problem.

    Most of the ads that you will see on your web pages are automatically inserted by Google AdWords and should be appropriate for all ages to view. Note that Google automatically serves ads based on the web browsing behavior of the web site viewers, not based on the content of the web site. For example, if a visitor to your web pages also visits a lot of websites related to car racing, then he is likely to see a lot of ads related to automobiles.

    TrainWeb also does direct sales of advertising mostly to railroad related vendors. If you see a railroad related ad, that is likely from a sponsor directly obtained by TrainWeb. Our sponsors provide the financial support to make TrainWeb possible. Without their financial support, TrainWeb would not exist and we would not be able to provide you with free web hosting. In the 20 years since TrainWeb has been in existence, the revenue from advertising on TrainWeb has only covered the web hosting and operations of TrainWeb. That revenue has never been used to return a profit or pay a salary to its owners.

    We do not charge for hosting your website at TrainWeb. We never have and never will. You are already donating your time and knowledge to the railroad community, so we don't expect you to donate your money as well. We feel that you are already doing enough just by contributing your website. Unlike some providers that charge to access their premium areas in order to fund their web hosting services, TrainWeb does not charge to access ANY area, not even our premium sections.

  • Do you host non-rail related web sites?

    NO. The number one requirement of being hosted at is that your website must be related to rail. If you have a few web pages at your website that are not directly related to rail, that does not give us a problem. But, it has to be obvious to visitors to your website that it is a rail related website.

  • Can I offer commercial advertising on my site?

    NO. TrainWeb reserves the exclusive right to place advertising on web pages hosted on our web servers. However, we do not have a problem if you are a club or other non-profit organization and offer some items, services or tickets to events for sale to support your organization.

  • Do I get POP3 email account?

    NO. TrainWeb does not offer email accounts. However, if you would like email forwarding from to your current email address, that can be provided. If you obtain and forward your own domain name to your account, your domain name registrar will usually be able to provide e-mail forwarding from your own domain name. Click here for further details.

  • Can I upload movie and sound files?
    Sound and movie files take up a lot more bandwidth so we ask webmasters to keep these features to a minimum. It may be better to create and upload your video to a account and then link or embed those videos on your website hosted at TrainWeb.

  • Lost my password?

    Click here to send us an email and we will send your password. Please do not forget to mention your website name. We are in the process of writing a new lost password program which will significantly reduce time in retrieving your password.
  • How do I transfer/upload files to my site?

    You can upload and download files to your website hosted on the server using FTP. For more information on how to obtain free FTP software and how to use it, click here. FTP softare is avilable for both PC and MAC systems.

  • How do I request additional disk space?

    Your account was created with an inital disk quota of 100 megabytes. Additional disk space is granted as requested as long as it is for the upload of additional web pages and photos of interest to the rail community. Click here for more information on how to request addtional disk space.

  • Does TrainWeb allow SSI, CGI/PHP scripting?

    NO. The TrainWeb server does not allow Server Side Includes(SSI), CGI/PHP scripting. To process forms, run forums, page counters, or provide other services to your visitors, please consider using similar free services that can be found elsewhere on the web.

  • Do you support MS FrontPage Extensions?

    Occasionally we are asked if TrainWeb supports the Microsoft Front Page Extensions. The answer is "yes" and "no". TrainWeb does not endorse the use of any HTML features that violate the current standards as promulgated by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Click here for more details.

  • Do I get access to MySQL databse?

    NO. We do not offer access to MySQL or any other kind of databases.

  • Can I use frames in my HTML pages?

    NO. Your website will not display properly if you use frames. The TrainWeb headers and footers will automatically get inserted into every frame of your website and it will look like a mess. You can use inline frames ("iframe"). Those should not cause any problems.

  • Do you offer telnet or shell access?

    NO. Trainweb does not allow telnet or shell access to the server.

  • Does TrainWeb do a system backup?

    An automatic backup of our web servers is made regularly. However, TrainWeb does not make any guarantee that a recent copy of any part of your website can be recovered from these backups. The primary responsibility for having a backup copy of your website rests with you. You should always keep a copy of every file of your website on your own computer. If necessary, you should be able to recover your entire website by re-uploading every file from your backup copy on your own computer. If you accidentally delete an individual file from your website, we CAN NOT recover the deleted file for you from our backup. The effort to locate and recover one particular file from our backup is too time consuming for our small staff. The purpose of our automatic web server backup is to recover from a complete web server failure, and not to recover individual accounts or files.

  • Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

    TrainWeb does not have ANY telephone support staff. The only way you can communicate with our technical people is by e-mail. Your e-mail will go into a queue and will be answered as soon as we get a chance, which may sometimes take day or two. If the topic is urgent, such as a notification to us that our web server is down, it will be handled quickly. The only topics that our technical people will deal with are reports that there is something wrong with our server or something wrong with your web account. We do not provide any technical support related to questions of how to create or modify web pages. Other than directing you to a page that explains how to upload files to your web account, we do not provide help with uploading files to your website. If you need any help with these basic issues, you should consult with an experienced webmaster that can help you through this learning curve. We'd like to help you in this area, but our small staff just does not have the time available.

  • Do you offer dial-up Internet access accounts?

    NO. TrainWeb does not provide dial-up internet access.

  • What about server uptime?

    Our network is very reliable so we are rarely ever down. We have better than 99.9% uptime. We are only aware of one major web server failure over more than 20 years that TrainWeb has existed.

  • Does TrainWeb provide page counters?

    No, TrainWeb does not provide page counters. We recommend the free page counters and visitor tracking provided by

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