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La Teleferica Massaua-Asmara La Teleferica Massaua-Asmara

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The engine room at Nefasit station.

  • Fueled by diesel oil of 0.90 - 0.92 specific gravity.

  • Water cooled; cooled by a radial fan and circulated by a centrifugal pump driven by a belt on the engine shaft.

  • Compressed air starter supplied by tanks in the engine room and charged periodically by a compressor from the same diesel engine or by an auxiliary motor, as at the Ghinda and Nefasit stations (Deutz engine).

The stations roofs are iron-frame sheds. The material

covering them is "Eternit" [a brand name for corrugated sheets made of pressed asbestos!] in the lowlands, in consideration of the torrid climate and the insulating ability of such material, and corrugated iron for stations at higher altitudes.

General Specifications

Complementing the data provided above, we summarize the general characteristics of the physical plant in the following table:
Horizontal length about 75.070 Km
Difference in altitude between the end points (Asmara - Campo Di Marte) 2.326
Hourly capacity in each direction about 30 tons
Cars: 2 x 770 on the line; 80 in station or reserve 1,620
Regular stations with service13
Single trestles 440
Multiple trestles 24
Bridges to overpass the railroad 5
Bridges to overpass the highway 22
Motive power: 
7 - 150 hp engines
1 - 75 hp engine
1125 hp
700 hp

We hope these notes have effectively sketched an overview of the great work, realized through the will of the Duce, who constantly followed its development, step by step, to completion. His high praise constitutes the most coveted prize of the Company and the heroic workmen who have overcome the difficult ordeal in the lands of the Empire.

Publication authorized by the

The maps are the property of the Military Geographic Institute of Florence (map of Eritrea scale 1:90,000) and their reproduction in this publication was authorized by the Institute.

Pages: Cover-5, 6-9, 10-13, 14-17, 18-21, 22-25, 26-29, 30-end

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