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       The BNSF was the result of the merger of Burlington Northern into the AT&SF railroad in the mid-1990's. They have grown into one of the biggest railroads in the world.  They own over 30,000 miles of trackage in the US. If you have any info about BNSF email me.

Bakersfield Yard



2952 & 2845coming out of the yard 4 a job.                                                      Getting ready for the switch.


More people "on the ground."                                                                             The morning sun shines on the nose of the locos.


Setting up for the cars on a different track.                                                        The sun becomes to come out behind the locos


Heading for the cars.                                                                                         KCS, BNSF, and CSX road locos waiting for train.


Two Freights in the first yard tracks.                                                                   5415 heading a Freight out of the yard for the desert.


A pic of the 2nd freight before leaving the yard.                                                5415 LEADING


The freight stopping outside the office for some reason.                                    Waiting for Switchers to get done


Remote Control Switchers 2952 reverses .                                                          Waiting for switch to line up.                                                                  


Walking to office.                                                                                               Checking the switch (wouldnt open)                  


5415 gets the go                                                                                                4018 taking lead behind 5415


Norfolk Southern loco in the consist. Email me if you know why.                       The train heading into the morning sun.


The line of boxcars still pulling out.                                                                   Boxcars               


End of 5415's train.                                                                                            5415 revealed another freight.   


2408 GP30 switcher gleams from the wash.                                                       The Remote Control men getting back aboard.


They are finally on their way.                                                                           2406 gleams in the sun again


The switchers move behind the BHS woodshop building.                                  Have no clue where they are headed.


3rd loco is Canadian National. Why? Email me if you know.                            4525 taking up the second of the other freight


SD 40-2 6905 crawled up behind the other freight.                                               Warbonnet 573 leads another freight.


Another view showing 573 and unknown Dash 8-44CW                                      Switchers stepping out of the yard for yard work


Shunting Hoppers                                                                                               Long Distance Freight pulling in for crew change



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Bakersfield Yard BNSF




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