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U23B Roster

GE's U23B - Original Owners

by Robert Sarberenyi

425 US, 40 Mexico, 16 Export

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sPhaseAir FilterNotes
20ATSF6300-63196-9/7037491-37510IIce*paperAAR-B trucks
29ATSF6320-63489/70-2/7137511-37539IIepaperAAR-B trucks; 6332 rebuilt to SF30B 7200, re# 6419
30C&O2300-23299-10/6937228-37257IIcpaperBlomberg B trucks; 17 to CSX 3200:3229
10CR2789-27985-6/7741584-41593IIh2paperAAR-B trucks; CR 2798 last U23B built
16D&H301-3168-9/6836803-36818IIaoil bathAAR-B trucks; 315 wrecked 4/20/71, rest re# 2301-2314,2316
10FCP537-5468-9/7540820-40829IIh1paperFerrocarril del Pacifico; AAR-B trucks
20L&N2708-27272-3/7338765-38784IIgpaperFB-2 trucks;
2708-2717 to SBD 3238-3247
2718 wrecked 9/28/77
2719-2727 to SBD 3248-3256
25L&N2728-27526-9/7339257-39281IIgpaperFB-2 trucks; to SBD 3257-3281
20L&N2753-27722-3/7439508-39527IIgpaperFB-2 trucks;
2753-2770 to SBD 3282-3299
2771 wrecked 4/2/80
2772 to SBD 3300
25L&N2800-28241-2/7540110-40134IIh1paperFB-2 trucks;
2800-2802 to SBD 3301-3303
2803 wrecked 7/6/78, re# 2818 and retired 8/16/78
2804-2817 to SBD 3305-3318
2818 wrecked 8/6/78, rebuilt and re# 2803, to SBD 3304
2819-2824 to SBD 3319-3324
12LV501-51211/7440098-40109IIh1paperAAR-B trucks; to CR 2777-2788
5MILW4800-48048/7338872-38876IIgpaperFB-2 trucks, no d/b, latches on al doors
3MKT350-3525/7339225-39227IIge**paperAAR-B trucks, no d/b
8MON601-6083-5/7037923-37300IIcoil bathAAR-B trucks, no d/b; to L&N 2700-2707, SBD 230-3237
7MP668-6741/7338758-38764IIgpaperFB-2 trucks, no d/b; re# 2250-2256, then 4500-4506
11MP2257-226711/7439905-39915IIgpaperFB-2 trucks, no d/b; re# 4507-4517
6MP2268-22733/7540356-40361IIh1paperFB-2 trucks no d/b;
2268-2270 re# 4518-4520
2271 wrecked 10/78
2272,2273 re# 4521,4522
5MP2274-22786/7640920-40924IIh2paperFB-2 trucks, no d/b; re# 4523-4527
10MP2279-22881-2/7741523-41532IIh2paperFB-2 trucks, no d/b; re# 4528-4537
14NdeM9100-91133/7540326-40339IIh1paperFB-2 trucks
8NdeM9114-91213-4/7540340-40347IIh1paperAAR-B trucks
8NdeM9122-91295-6/7540348-40355IIh1paperFB-2 trucks
50PC2700-27498-10/7238506-38555IIfpaperAAR-B trucks; to CR same #s
27PC2750-27768-10/7339305-39331IIgpaperAAR-B trucks, bidirectional controls, long hood forward; to CR same #s
5SOU3900-39045/7238392-38396IIgoil bathhi-nose, AAR-B trucks
10SOU3905-39145/7339215-39224IIgoil bathhi-nose, AAR-B trucks
20SOU3915-39345-6/7439621-39640IIgpaperhi-nose, AAR-B trucks
20SOU3935-39545-7/7540078-40097IIh1paperhi-nose, FB-2 trucks
15SOU3955-396912/76-2/7741508-41522IIh1paperhi-nose, FB-2 trucks
6SPC40-4510-11/7540372-40377IIh1paperSouthern Peru Copper; FB-2 trucks; have an additional radiator core over the equipment blower to relieve the main radiator during long periods of dynamic brake operation in tunnels
8SPC50-573-5/7540362-40369IIh1paperSouthern Peru Copper; FB-2 trucks; equipped for radio control
2SPC58,5910,11/7540370,40371IIh1paperSouthern Peru Copper; FB-2 trucks; equipped for radio control
1TU1035/7540719IIh1paperTexas Utilities; AAR-B trucks, no d/b, equipped for remote control
15WP2251-22655-7/7238397-38411IIfpaperBlomberg B trucks, dual controls;
2256 wrecked 11/17/79
2259 wrecked 9/81
traded in for UP 8-40Cs, used as cores for Super 7 program
U23B Phases

GE used a common body for the various U-boats, so this list is based on phases of the U30B.

Phase IIa- entire hood below the radiator is the same width as the radiator itself, radiator intakes are redesigned, the raised section on the radiator disappears, a horizontal drip rail appears on the sides of the radiator, short exhaust stack, small taper just ahead of the radiator.

Phase IIb- the taper just ahead of the radiator disappears.

Phase IIc- the intake screens become corrugated instead of flat, and project slightly from the hood instead of being flush-mounted.

Phase IId- horizontal drip rail on the radiator disappears.

Phase IIe- built-up area on pilots disappears.

Phase IIf- handrail notch in the stepwells becomes full length.

Phase IIg- headlight casing becomes oval-shaped, not rectangular; cab side drip rail disappears.

Phase IIh1- square door laches become standard, battery box covers become smaller, cab door stiffener appears.
Phase IIh2- separate front headlight casing, hinges on front numberboards appear.

*- ATSF 6300-6319 lacked the built-up area on the pilot, but were otherwise Phase IIc
**- MKT 350-352 had the short notch handrail stepwell, but were otherwise Phase IIg

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