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U33B Roster

GE's U33B - Original Owners

by Robert Sarberenyi

137 US

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sPhaseAir FilterNotes
2NYC2858,28599/6736397,36398IIaoil bathordered as U30Bs; later derated to 3000 hp without external change
26PC2890-291511/6836868-36893IIbpaperto CR same nos.
10PC2916-292512/6836939-36948IIbpaperto CR same nos.
10PC2926-293511/6836929-36938IIbpaperto CR same nos.
20PC2936-295512/6836949-36968IIbpaperto CR same nos.
15PC2956-29705-6/7037936-37410IIcpapercancelled RI order; to CR same nos.
10RI190-1995/6937128-37137IIcpaperRock Island
5RI285-2891/6936969-36973IIcpaperRock Island
10RI290-2997-8/6836822-36831IIcpaperRock Island
16SCL1719-173412/67-1/6836467-36482IIaoil bathBlomberg trucks
13SCL1735-174710/6836837-36849IIboil bathBlomberg trucks
U33B Phases

GE used a common body for the various U-boats, so this list is based on phases of the U30B.

Phase II with the forward radiator intake mounted high had oil bath filters; low-mounted intake was for paper air filters.

Phase IIa- entire hood below the radiator is wider than the area ahead of it, radiator intakes are redesigned, the raised section on the radiator disappears, a horizontal drip rail appears on the sides of the radiator, short exhaust stack, large taper just ahead of the radiator, pipe chain guards at right front corner.

Phase IIb- the taper just ahead of the radiator disappears, six equipment doors on the left side instead of eight.

Phase IIc- the intake screens become corrugated instead of flat, and project slightly from the hood instead of being flush-mounted.

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