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JLS Railroad Future Plans, Projects and Purchases

JLS Railroad Future Plans, Projects and Purchases

We like to think of the JLS Railroad as a full time operating Railroad. Not only do we have a well defined club and a well defined operating system, but like any real full scale railroad we have a long list of tasks which we would like to accomplish and an even longer list of rolling stock and motive power to acquire!

Here is the list of those projects and acquisitions the JLS Railroad will focus on in the up and coming months:


Hanging Yard Construction COMPLETED
The next big project for the JLS Railroad will be the Hanging Yard. The project presently ongoing down on the lines and is slated for completion sometime Summer of 2001. The yard itself will be accessed from the 1st tier of the Helix. It will actually be suspended above the E-Yard, hanging below the H-Yard atop the table. Plans and photos will become available as the construction proceeds, so check back frequently. You can view photos of its construction in the Hanging Yard Construction Pictures section, as well as construction plans in the Hanging Yard Construction Plans Archive.
Finish the Helix Extension COMPLETED
At this point in the H-Yard's (Helix and Helix Yard) development, we have reached the culmination of our construction. It has been a long 23 months. At this point, there isn't much left to do. Recently having finished the enormous Coal Depot, we find that everything is done, aside from a few odds and ends. Ballast was laid and scenery powders laid on the track heading into the tunnel, descending the helix. Everything was cleaned, everything works, everything is done! For a more detailed description of the Helix Construction, please subscribe to the JLS Railroad Update, click here to check it out. Also, go to the Photo Archive for hundreds of photos detailing the construction.
As part of the Helix project, actually, the last thing to go up, will be an LGB cable car spanning the 40' basement. It will go from the ceiling in directly over the power plant on the top of the table (Helix Yard) across the basement to the ceiling over the W-Yard. It will be rather whimsical because there will be no way for people to get to the cable cars or a station at either end, but, I think it'll be a nice little touch to the layout.
Trolley Line Interchange COMPLETED
Our short, 40 foot Trolley line which connects Oberndorf to Waldou and runs parallel to the MainLine along the back end of the layout, has no interchange point with the MainLine. This project has been along time coming. The Trolley and Schnout RailBus have no way of getting to the MainLine or any other adjoining line, nor can we get any cars onto the siding near Waldou. In order to rectify this situation, we will be adding a simple 2 switch interchange between the two lines. The switches will be LGB 1200 series with the lighted switch lantern. The interchange will be insulated to allow for the continued independent operation of both the MainLine and the Trolley Line.
Trolley Line Interchange Plan
With the addition of the Helix, the E-yard (which is the 10 track staging yard located beneath the table) is now surrounded by the tiers of the helix making it virtually inaccessible. It really isn't a problem though, because LGB rolling stock and engines are built to such a high standard of quality that derailments virtually never happen. One thing is a problem though, during switching operations it is very difficult to cut a string of cars on the siding realistically. Presently we uncouple right before going underneath the table and push or roll the cars back. To rectify this bit of unprototypical running, we will be installing some of LGB's automatic uncouplers in about 7 locations beyond our reach. This will enable the ease of uncoupling during the numerous switching operations.




Brunig Rack Steam Locomotive (LGB# 20471) $699.99 (TrainLand) ACQUIRED


0-4-4-0T Sachsen Steam Locomotive (LGB# 20841) $669.99 (TrainLand) ACQUIRED


FO Panorama Passenger Car (LGB# 30660) $TBA (TrainLand)

Panorama Pass Car

Cardinal Reefer (LGB# 42285) $TBA (TrainLand) ACQUIRED

Fish Delievery Car (LGB# 47350) $61.99 (TrainLand) ACQUIRED

Union Pacific Steel Boxcar (LGB# 47915) $61.99 (TrainLand) ACQUIRED


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