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JLS Railroad Project Plan Archive

JLS Railroad Construction Plans Archive

     It seems the number one question I am asked is whether or not my buildings and structures are scratch built. Well, some are scratch built from plastic styrene and wood, others start as POLA kits and are kitbashed. Those that are scratch built are constructed utilizing my own "plans" and schematics. This Archive is a small sampling of those plans. There are also plans from any major JLS Railroad expansion including track diagrams, electrical diagrams and any and all information related to a given expansion.

     Now, my idea was simply to present everyone with a glimpse of the plans I utilize and how I go about designing a structure or planning an expansion of the layout. You can use them in your own projects if you can interpret them, which is a challenge in and of itself. Many changes to the plans were made on the fly, and recorded, accounting for the clutter. Enjoy....

What to expect: Upon clicking a project on the above list, you'll be taken to a page with a plan for that project. The plans are about 100 to 200k in size, digitally cleaned up using Adobe PhotoShop 5.5, and Adobe Image Ready 2.0. Although visually cleaned up, they are messy, characteristic of typical erection drawings for a building.


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