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JLS Railroad Hanging Yard Construction: Completed Photos

JLS Railroad
Hanging Yard Construction
Completed Photos
COMPLETED: 8/23/01

The following photos illustrate the Completed Hanging Yard. Initial planning stages began way back in December of 2000, with actual construction beginning June of 2001. Due to the lack of scenery (the M-Yard is a functional storage yard rather then a prototypical model like the H-Yard), work proceeded fairly quickly, especially with the help of Skip Densing, a fellow member of the JLS Railroad. Although no where near as complex as the H-Yard, construction took the better part of 3 months, finally being completed Thursday, August 23, 2001.

I would just like to take this time to thank all those who helped during the construction of the Hanging Yard, you know who you are. In particular, I'd like to thank Skip Densing. Skip showed up just about every Thursday evening throughout the summer and played an intrical part in the construction. Without his expert help, we'd still be on the planning stages. Thanks Skipper.

Now the pictures.................

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The lead section of the yard. Here you can see all the plexiglass guard rail has been installed and everything nice and clean.

The rear section of the Hanging Yard.

An overview show showing the majority of the yard. The basic dimensions are 4 feet wide by 12 feet long. The lead switches can be seen in the background and the bumpers are just out of view in the foreground. The interchange with the Helix is located towards the left hand side of the picture.


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