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JLS Railroad Initial Hanging Yard Construction

JLS Railroad Initial
Hanging Yard Construction

The following photos illustrate the initial planning stages of the Hanging Yard's construction. For detailed construction schematics, please refer to the JLS Railroad Construction Plans Archive...

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The site of the new Hanging Yard, beneath the table where the H-Yard resides, and suspended over the E-Yard on the floor.

Here, you can see the E-Yard on the floor. This picture was taken from below the H-Yard's table, within the Helix's tiers.

The various pieces of LGB track used to measure and layout the track for the Hanging Yard. All measurements and track arrangements are planned in place using spare LGB track I keep for just that reason. This method eliminates any error that can occur by simply using pen and paper.

Here you can see a view of the entire work area. The Hanging Yard is entirely contained below the H-Yard's table. The first tier of the helix, the one closest to the floor, is just visible in this photo and is the height of the Hanging Yard.

At this stage, the main stringer supporting the first tier of the helix has been cut away creating a hole for the lead switch of the Hanging Yard.

Another shot of the Hanging Yard's lead switch.

A first glimpse of the yard lead.


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