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JLS Railroad Hanging Yard Construction: Wiring

JLS Railroad
Hanging Yard Construction

The following photos illustrate the long, involved process of wiring up the Hanging Yard for operation. At this point, all structural work and track work has been completed. For detailed construction schematics, please refer to the JLS Railroad Construction Plans Archive...

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A glimpse of the spider web of wires we needed to sort out during the initial wiring stages.

The vast majority of the wiring has been accomplished here. Notice the switch lanterns have all been powered and are functional.

Here, Skip Densing is running wires for the blocks. As you can see due to the location of the Hanging Yard beneath the Helix and H-Yard, there was not much space to work.

Completing the wiring of all blocks and switch motors.

The completed wiring job, the Hanging Yard is almost finished at this point, all that is left are a few minor things and the "big clean-up"


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