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JLS Railroad Helix Finished Pictures

JLS Railroad Helix Finished Pictures
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COMPLETED: 1/18/00

Well, it is finally here, the Helix and H-Yard has been completed. Started March 21, 1998, completed January 18, 2000, this project took 22 months to complete. Working an average of 6 days per week, averaging 6 to 8 hours per day for nearly 2 years, we estimated the total number of man hours to be about 5000 hours. It is finally done. I hope everyone likes how it turned out, I sure do. The pictures don't really give it justice.

I'd like to take this moment to thank two people in particular, without them, none of this would have ever been achievable. Joe Barcia, the Vice President of the JLS Railroad for his thousands of hours down in the basement working. Without his help, the wiring and scenery would have taken years. He helped in every aspect of the construction, however, wiring and scenery were his specialties. Lastly Al Rapp, Al was there in the very beginning. He helped with the initial construction of the table extensions to accommodate the H-Yard and the helix itself. His tireless efforts and skill with wood enabled the helix to go up in 5 months, without him, I'd still be working on the first tier. Thanks a lot both of you for all you have done.

Now the pictures.................


An overall view of the H-Yard. All the buildings and structures are in place. All scenery completed, everything fully functional. Completed.

Another shot of the entire yard. The total dimensions being 15' in length by 10' in width. The large control panel is visible to the left.

A shot of the left side of the Yard. The track on the far left leads to the 2-stall engine shed in the back. The next track over to the right is R1, the lead to the Refinery, Wreck Siding and Reverse Loop, notice the grade.

A very nice shot of the H-Yard cleaned out of most of it's occupants. Here, you really get a feel for the track layout of the yard and the size of the Coal Depot

Shot of the H-Yard from the side

Shot of the other side. You can really see the ground textures, grasses and bushed used to make the scenery


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