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JLS Railroad Helix Finished Pictures

JLS Railroad Helix Finished Pictures
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COMPLETED: 1/18/00

Completed pictures of the Helix and H-Yard.....


Shot of the H-Yard lead taken from the R1/S1 area

Here, you can see the 2 stall engine shed off the S-Block very clearly. The refinery is also in view on R2 as well as the seldom seen lead to the Wreck Siding R3 (the blue tanker is parked there). The track leading off to the right near the top of the shot is the reverse loop, notice the grade? The grade is in place to accommodate the tunnel and helix beneath it.

The entire H-Yard, filled with traffic, in full use by the JLS Railroad

Beautiful shot of all the steamers on the JLS Railroad in the 10 stall RoundHouse, steaming away

Another shot of the full RoundHouse

A distant shot of the 10 stall RoundHouse filled with steamers. Also in view is the Sand Depot and Coal Depot as well as the JLS Railroad Water Tank to the top right of the photo. The Water Tank looms of the Refinery behind the RoundHouse and the RoundHouse itself.

A beautiful panoramic view of the completed H-Yard

Another panoramic shot


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