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JLS Railroad Helix Scenery 7

JLS Railroad Helix Scenery
Page 7

The following are pictures taken every step of the way in the laying of the scenery in the H-yard.

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A shot of Joe Barcia, the Vice President of the JLS Railroad, detailing the SawMill Complex

A completed shot of the SawMill Complex
notice the pulpwood bins to the left

Another shot of the SawMill Complex

As yard detialing proceeded, vehicles started to arrive up to the H-yard,
such as this POLA Goli Utility Vehicle

A shot of the sand depot and ash pit after detailing. We still have the lift pipe to lay from the pit to the top of the sand depot.

A cut of cars parked infront of the SawMill

Here, a shot of Accucraft's Goose under repair. This model was so bad, it derailed on stock LGB switches and only had 1 power pick-up contact per side! After reworking the wheels, adding weights, new contacts, and totally rewiring the entire engine, it runs, finally. Spearheading this adventure was Keith Denton, thanks Keith!

A shot of Joe Barcia installing a Phoenix Sound System in our NW2.

A nice overall shot of the yard. As can be seen, the layout has seen alot of progress!


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