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JLS Railroad Helix Scenery 8

JLS Railroad Helix Scenery
Page 8

The following are pictures taken every step of the way in the laying of the scenery in the H-yard.

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After much discussion, it was voted on by the members of the JLS Railroad to finish off the Helix Project by "scenerizing" the bridge leading up to the H-Yard and the entrance to the tunnel at the mouth of the Helix. In this photo, you can see the track removed from the bridge in preparation for weathering.

Here, after being weathered, the bridges dry. The aluminum foil is there to prevent the destruction of the scenery behind the bridge from the sprays used in the weathering process

Here, the initial stages of scenery entering the tunnel. The dry ballast is being laid down and moved into position

After being laid down and perfected, the ballast is being cemented down

The completed tunnel scenery. The grasses and bushes have been added and small details put in place such as debris, and a broken old rusted piece of rack rail


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