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JLS Railroad TrainShow: January 8, 2000

JLS Railroad TrainShow
January 8th, 2000

The following are photos taken at the January 8th, 2000 JLS Railroad TrainShow We ran from 12PM till 5PM that day, a total of 41 people were in attendance at the show. Everything was a total success....

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The feature of the year, the completed H-Yard. After 22 months, the yard is completed and ready for show. To view more information on the H-Yard, visit the JLS Railroad Layout Statistics area, for more photos, visit the Finished Helix and H-Yard Photo Archive, for construction photos of the H-Yard, visit Helix Construction.

Our Electrical Engineer, Randy Knaub, and Engineer in Training Chris Lusardi admiring the H-Yard during the TrainShow

A group of Live Steamers, Sam DeRienzo, John Long, and Bob Lindemann (from right to left in the background), along with Randy Knaub and Ralph Lombardo, all enjoying the layout.

Joe and myself operating during the TrainShow

George Quiles brought his Uintah #51 over for a stay, here, you can see both #50 (mine) and #51 (George's) together, entering the H-Yard.

The crowd continues building at the TrainShow, we ran from 12 till 5, a total of 41 people were in attendance

Another shot of the crowd

At the end of the day, members Jason Lombardo and Skip Densing, enjoying the newly completed H-Yard.


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