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Hello, and welcome to Just Train Crazy. I'm Angie Morefield, wife, mother, small business owner, and railfan. Join me in my travels. These pages are a trip back in time. Think of this website as a time machine for people who love trains. ALL ABOARD!
     Much of our railroading past has vanished but, as these pages will show, much is still alive. I make my living on the road, often I am able to chase down a lone piece of equipment and photograph it. Now I have the opportunity to share these with you. Please enjoy my photos and their stories. Feel free to e-mail me. But, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I'm going to give you the links on my links page, CONTRIBUTE! Contribute your time, send funds, visit and take a ride or walk through the exhibits. People all over the country are preserving this history for you, your children, your grandchildren.My daddy used to take me to the depot to watch the evening train come in. I remember being awed and just a little scared as that big round nosed machine came roaring in with it's big swaying light. Now the depot is gone and so are the tracks.  With all that said...LETS ROLL!!!
This is the replica depot four doors down from my house. The original was destroyed many years ago. This building is a waystation on the Xenia, Ohio bike path but this area used to be a thriving rail yard. There's a neat little museum inside. Drop in sometime. Bring your bike and ride the trails where locomotives used to roll.     This caboose is near the depot in Xenia, Ohio. A cross buck and whistle sign flank the caboose. You won't see a caboose at the end of a train very much anymore. But cross bucks and whistle signs are still a part of the railroads. Back Next