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whitewater valley
REVERSE RPO AHEAD DEPOT      The Whitewater Valley Railroad is my second home. It is where I took railroading classes and where I now volunteer as a brakeman. Here is a view from the back of 9339 as we pull into the yard. Whitewater Valley Railroad is located in Connersville, Indiana. Excursion trips to Metamora, Indiana used to be run from our location at the yard. We now have a nice new depot in Connersville, complete with handicap access where passengers can now board the train.
Here 9339, an ALCO S-1 sits in the yard awaiting her next duty. Built in January 1948, she first worked for Proctor and Gamble. Now flying New York Central colors, she is numbered for what would have been the next locomotive in the series. 9339 was my teacher, she is the first locomotive I have ever run. And she will always have a special place in my heart.I love the heavy lope of her prime mover.

Here is 25, a Lima Hamilton. Built in 1951, she first worked for CIncinnati Union Terminal. Now flying Whitewater Valley colors, she was the first of the Whitewater Valley locomotives. Riding in her cab is like being in a greenhouse. She purrs in comparison to 9339.     

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