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The Flamingo Dinner Train Menu

The Flamingo Dinner Train Menu

Photo copy of actual Flamingo Menu(page1) Photo copy of actual Flamingo Menu(page2) Flamingo Holiday Menu: During the Month of December all Flamingo Trains will offer the Christmas Menu

The Flamingo offers delicious food from the menus of the L&N

The food is beyond compare when we say food and service in the diner is always finer that is no boast. Our menus are prepared from the recipes of the Chefs of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. These recipes were tried and proven on such Crack Trains as The Pan American, Hummingbird, Southland, and Flamingo. And just ask any one who has ever ridden the Old Reliable the food was prepared and served with care and perfection.

Your menu features some of the most famous of all the recipes. The most well known item is Old Kentucky Smoked Country Ham with Red Eye Gravy. Created in 1921 by then superintendent of Dining Cars Clifford J Haury this secret method of preparing the 18 month old ham made it a favorite on the L&N

The Broiled Spring Chicken was a favorite od Chef Bill Rolling who begin his carrier in 1907 aboard the Southland. This dish was served to Presidential Candidate Governor Al Smith during his campaign on board the all Pullman Pan American

Grilled Pompano a la Royalle is served when in season. This recipe was very popular on the dining cars on the southern end of the system and was created by Chef Jim Phoenix who begin his carrier with the L&N in the 1920s.

The Seafood Platter was created by P.A. Wagoner for the crack streamliner the Hummingbird and features seafood items from the Gulf Coast Region of the L&N . This scrumptious Platter is a meal in its own and features Fried Trout ,Pan Fried Oysters, Shrimp, Soft Shelled Crab served with Julienne Potatoes, Cole Slaw, and the L&N own home made tarter and shrimp sauce. And as an added bonus the Seafood Platter features a cup of that delicious New Orleans Style Seafood Gumbo.

Red Beans and Rice was a popular item on the menu and was a favorite of Chef Sam Travis who worked on the Pan American during its final years of operation. This dish is plopped full of tasty pieces of Chicken, Ham oysters and Shrimp and served on a bed of rice with gravy.

But these entrees aren't the whole picture by far. But i bet your hungry already.

our entrees are served with a Tossed Salad , Seafood or Southern Gumbo, a choice of Julienne or Long Branch Potatoes , and a choice of vegetables. (Items vary on time of year ) selections include Asparagus, Green Beans , Peas and Pearl Onions. And our Biscuits and Cornbread are prepared from scratch and served piping hot with delicious sweet creamy butter.

To top it off the Flamingo features those Delicious Southern Cobblers and the choice available depends on the season. Al food items served on board the Flamingo are prepared on board by our Chiefs and we guarantee quality. Our seafood is flown in the day before each scheduled trip to guarantee freshness. And our vegetables are fresh from the Garden. Our Chickens and Hams are the best available.

Anything less would not be authentic and we have an important job continuing the fine food and service offered by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad after all " Food and service is always finer in the diner on the L&N.

Flamingo Holiday Menu: During the Month of December all Flamingo Trains will offer the Christmas Menu

On all scheduled runs of the Flamingo in December a special holiday menu will be offered with a Selected Soup, Tossed Salad, a choice of Roast Turkey with Dressing, or Old Kentucky Country Ham, Mashed Potatoes or Candied Yams, Green Beans or Peas, and your Choice of Plum Pudding with rum sauce or Pumpkin Pie.

and the following regular menu items will be available

L&N Seafood Platter for the seafood lovers served with Seafood Gumbo, Julienne Potatoes, Cole Slaw, with shrimp and tarter sauce. Note Chicken and Red Beans will return as menu items following the Holidays.

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