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Left, the charter members. Right, before elevators ~ thus no IBSEL

This happened during the 2001 NW Logging Modeler’s Convention in Nanaimo BC. In addition to our group, there was also a wedding party staying at the hotel. One evening Jeff, Bindle Jim, and I got on the elevator to go up to our suite on the third floor. Just as the doors were closing, a beautiful blonde and her date joined us. Her curvaceous body was barely covered by a short, low cut, black lacey dress, and the fragrant perfume...

What a sight we must have been ~ us in our jeans and red logging suspenders, and the two of them all dressed up for the wedding. Well, we were enjoying the view when the guy put his arm around her as if to say, “Mine!” We almost died laughing after they got off at the second floor. I wish I had taken a photo ~ the picture to the left will give you a good idea ~ but then I would have had to focus my attention on my camera.

Thus was born IBSEL. Membership is open to ANY 4Ler or CabbageStacker who DESCRIBES an experience similar to ours: elevator ride, curvaceous body, fragrant perfume... The honor system is in effect. Remember, wearing suspenders is part of the ritual. Jeff, Bindle Jim and Jersey George are the charter members, but all others are more than welcome to join. After all, we want to hear about other encounters!

Steam Logging 2002