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NW Logging '02
Steam Logging 2002 in Mount Vernon, Washington
aka the 8th Annual NW Logging Modelers’ Convention
June 27-29, 2002

The “Bethlehem 4” came ~ they can’t resist a good time. But wait ~ that doesn’t
look like Jeff. Apparently he’s in the witness protection program. Oh well . . .

After registration Thursday morning we looked for logging equipment in and near Sedro-
Woolley. As you can see, it drizzled this year. BTW, is UGLY DIESEL redundant?

Every town should have a mural like this on at least one building.

As usual, there were many fine entries in the model contest, including Dave’s
evolving model ~ this year on wheels ~ of BJ in the biffy (see last year’s entry).

Dave and Yuta try their luck at joining IBSEL ~ but to no avail:-(

Think it’s too far to get to the Convention? These three “Easterners” made it!
(Hiromi, Jersey George, and Yuta)So... see you next year!

There’s so much more ~ click on these images to see: Thursday’s Railway Excursion,
Friday’s Steam Sawmill & Donkey Demonstration, and Sunday’s Donkey Hunt
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