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Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Sports Pub
Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad

Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Sports Pub

Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Sports Pub

Follow the crowd pool food TV

Scooter trash girls hang out with bikers

Los Cuartos Inn

    This is the new model of the Los Cuartos Inn.  It has replaced the old card stock mock up on the Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad. Follow the crowd!Some of these pictures are from when the sports pub was still on the workbench.  The newer pictures are from it's new location on the west side. The building is from Design Preservations.  It was just four bare walls.  I had to create all of the rest of it.  The cars are Micro Machines, Boley, and other assorted brands.  The figures are several different makes.  So are the parts.  Notice: drunk on sidewalk, girl on toilet, pool balls, bottles of booze, big screen TV.
Scooter Trash
give the bird to some rice rockets
This busy down town corner attracts a crowd.
Mmmm! Scooter Trash!!!!
Mmmm! Scooter Trash!!!!
Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Sports Pub
The sports pub is located on the West Side of town by the rail yard.

Big glass windows
The old mock up of the pub had boarded up windows.
This new bar is open for business as you can see through the large plate glass windows.

Sitting on the pool table in the bar
The bar counter was made from scrap styrene, as were the bathroom floor and walls.
The bar includes a raised walkway behind it and custom made bar stools.

Busy Monday night at the bar
It's a busy Monday night with football on the big screen TV.
There are beer and wine bottles on the tables and at the bar.

girl in bathroom sitting on toilet with panties pulled down
The pub has fully detailed restrooms which include mirrors, sinks, towel dispensers and toilets.
The floor is tiled.  A man is washing his hands in the men's room while
a woman is sitting on the toilet in the ladies' room.
A security guard checks on a drunk while a dog digs through the trash.

Parts List
Description Manufacturer Name Manu Item
Carol's Corner Cafe Design Preservation Models 243 113
Pool table & cue rack Evergreen Hill Design 261 648
Toilets Evergreen Hill Design 261 637
Sinks & towel dispensers Evergreen Hill Design 261 638
Tables and chairs Faller Gmbh 272 579
Bottles (4 types) Master Creations 464 620
Doors 5 panel w/frame Grandt Line Products Inc. 300 5021
Evening Star (Biker Chick) E-R Models VIP 262 168
Fat People Model Power 490 5697
Assorted Cats and Dogs w Man Woodland Scenics 785 227
Sitting People Bachmann 160 42331
Standing People Bachmann 160 42332
Unpainted Figures Atlas . 793
Unpainted Truck Drivers Preiser 590 .
Figures and accessory set 
(bench, mailbox) 
Model Power 490 5710
Vending Machines
(Newspaper Stand)
Evergreen Hill Design 261 679
Regulatory Signs #2 Blair Line 184 103
Crossing Signals and Gates Bachmann 160 42101
Traffic Lights and Signs Bachmann 160 42207
Motorcycles Micro Machines . .
1968 Corvette Convertible Micro Machines . CE 7
1986 Corvette Convertible Micro Machines . CE 11
Mach 1 Mustang Monogram Mini Exacta . .
VW Bug Boley 185 20207
SUV Boley 185 20226


Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad
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