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West Side Story
Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad

The West Side
Metrolink 800 near the Interstate 215 on ramp in downtown San Bernardino
Here is an overall view of the West Side area of the Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad.  The center of the area is the West Side Intermodal Yard

Bikers outside of a west side bar on 5th street
Surrounding the yard on one side is the Los Cuartos Inn, and on the other is the West Side Story Apartment Buildings

A truck driver waits for a cab over with a container to pass before climbing into his truck.

The mayor appears on television at the Route 66 Car Cruise while Metrolink
The mayor appears on television at the Route 66 Car Cruise while Metrolink trains wait at the station in the back.

On the wrong side of town
On the wrong side of town.

Breaking ground on the Mount Vernon Manufacturing Plants new site.
The head contractor gives updated blueprints to the operator of the excavator.


The West Side
Helicopter view
San Bernardino bikers
San Bernardino is known for it's bikers.

Skateboarding is a popular urban activity in southern California...

girls love to skate
And girls love to skate.

Mount Vernon Low Riders
The West Side is known for it's Low Riders.

plenty of action
At night, the West Side has plenty of action.

West Side Intermodal Yard
West Side Intermodal Yard
Busy Southern California Truck Hub
*included in the scenic tour
West Side Oil
Pipeline and Distribution

Safeway Distribution Center
Safeway Distribution Center

Fresh Meat and Produce
*included in the scenic tour


Recycled Paper and Cardboard
*included in the scenic tour

West Side Freight Yard
Hub for all freight leaving region
Points of Interest  
The Cat Club
The Cat Club
The Stray Cats play live
*included in the scenic tour
The Church of God's Victory
The Church of God's Victory
Warehouse Church
*included in the scenic tour
Los Cuartos Inn
The new Los Cuartos Inn.
The sports pub is now open
*included in the scenic tour
West Side Story Apartments
West Side Story Apartments
Living on the wrong side of town
*included in the scenic tour
Ladies Night Mens Club
Ladies Night Men's Club
Beautiful Women Dancing
*included in the scenic tour
Used Furniture Store
Sofas, Love Seats, Tables
Route 66 Car Cruise San Bernardino
Route 66 Car Cruise
Annual Car Show
*included in the scenic tour
Westside Station
Colossal Mantis Attacks
Amtrak and Metrolink Station
*included in the scenic tour
Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad
Front Office - LWSF RR

Along the Line - Scenic Route - LWSF RR
You are on the
West Side
Wolf Mountain
Super Chief Passenger Train
You are at the start of the scenic tour so head east ->>>


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