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Leisure Prairie RR Downloads


Drawn in N scale (1/160)

lewiston roundhouse

Plans for the NP 90' standard design roundhouse at Lewiston, ID.  11 sheets.
Download PDF (677K)

L90 log tines
Plans to convert the Wheels of Time piggy packer to a log stacker
Download PDF (161K)

N C C ore dock
Narrow gauge ore transfer dock designed for Crabbon.
Download PDF (317K)

pork shop
Plans for the Pork Shop meat packing building.
Download PDF (117K)

Whitehead and Kales auto rack
Plans for the Whitehead and Kales design autorack.
Download PDF (84K)

Concrete batch plant
The batch plant setup used by the family concrete plant in Grangeville, ID.  2 sheets.
Download PDF (374K)

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