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CSX Action in Manchester, Georgia

Manchester, Georgia

Manchester Yard

CSX Diesels

 CSX B36-7 5520. This GE diesel and a sister unit appear to be regulars that handle switching and local traffic at Manchester. 12 July 2003.

CSX Rolling Stock

 CSXT 173500, 12 July 2003.

 CSXT 40660, 12 July 2003.

 SBD 403780, still wearing most of its Atlanta and West Point paint, 12 July 2003.

 CSXT 192197, 12 July 2003.

 CSXT 139387, 12 July 2003.

Manchester Depot

Other Rolling Stock

 GPSX 10210, one of the massive woodchip hoppers that are common in Machester Yard. 12 July 2003

         This interesting assortment of covered hoppers was part of a long grain train consisting mainly of IMC Global cars. 12 July 2003

 TBOX 665490. These brand new TTX cars are a common sight in Machester Yard. 12 July 2003

 AMEX 1070, an ex-Southern Pacific B-100-39 class box car, displays a unique style of "waffle" sides. 12 July 2003

Manchester Yard

Photos Copyright 2003 by David R. Olsen.

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