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Other Railroad Photos

Other Railroad Photos

  • Cumberland, Maryland - One of my favorite railfan spots. Photos of motive power and rolling stock from CSX and other railroads.

  • Hancock, West Virginia - Another great railfan spot just East of Cumberland.

  •  Manchester, Georgia - This small town on the former Atlanta, Birmingham, & Coast is a great spot to catch CSX trains.

  • Autoracks - Detail photos of my favorite freight cars.

  • The Tropicana Juice Train - Photos of one of the most recognizable trains in the United States.

  • Covered Hoppers - Photos of covered hoppers from various locations.

  • Department of Defense Diesels & Freight Cars - Photos of DoD diesels, flats, and tank cars and TTX flats.

  • Tank Cars - An assortment of photos of these interesting freight cars.

    NorthEast Direct Amfleet coach - An Amfleet coach in Washington D.C.'s Union Station wears Amtrak's new scheme. June, 1996.

    Amtrak AEM-7 - An AEM-7 arrives at Baltimore's Penn Station with a train from New York, June, 1996. This locomotive is identical to the ones used by MARC.

    CSX GP40-2 No.6007 - No.6156 and GP38-2 no.2547 drag an eastbound string of autoracks past College Park, MD. July, 1996

    CSX GP40-2 No.6156 - A long manifest freight passes the MARC station at College Park, MD. July, 1996

    CSX GP40-2 No.6245 - No.6245 leads a unit coal train past College Park Station as it is overtaken by a fast intermodal, on a rainy day in July, 1996.

    Photos Copyright 1996 by David R. Olsen.

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