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Tank Cars

Tank Cars

Tank cars rarely receive attention in the railfanning press, but I find them to be one of the most interesting types of freight cars because of the many variations in car types. Some of these photos aren't the best quality, but they demonstrate the variety of cars on the rails today. You can find more tank cars on my Department of Defense Freight Cars page. Visit Tim Frederick's Modern Tank Car homepage for some excellent prototype and modeling information.

  GATX 33964 Cumberland, MD 21 December 2002

  MOPX 2050 Cumberland, MD 21 December 2002

  PROCOR PROX 14177 Cumberland, MD 21 December 2002

  Englehard ACFX 71787

  ECC International ACFX 76796

  Thiele UTLX 300098

  GATX 60092

  GATX 80711

  UTLX 41019

  ADMX 29804

  ADMX 30346

Photos Copyright 1999 by David R. Olsen.

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