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Marion Model Railroad Club 50th Anniversary Car

We are SOLD OUT of our club cars! We would like to thank everyone who helped to support this project! Below is a photo and description of the car.

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For our 50th Anniversary, we designed two custom painted versions of the Accurail 2000 Series ACF 3-Bay Covered Hopper. These cars commemorate our 50th Anniversary. It is available in two road numbers, numbered 1950 and 2000. Below is a description of the prototype, from Accurail's web site.

2000 Series ACF 3-Bay Covered Hoppers

These cars, developed in the early 60's and manufactured from 1965 to the present were designed to haul granular products that should not become wet. Grain, fertilizer, and plastic pellets were common commodities for these cars. Tens of thousands of them are in service today on virtually all major railroads, as well as many regionals.

For more information on other Accurail products, visit their web site at

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