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Model Railroad Site Update:
Well not a lot has happened with model railroad stuff in the past few months for me. The highlight was rebuilding a couple of old Ulrich triple hopper kits that were in junk shape into a good one. If youíre in the Bay Area check out the SBHRS show on Nov. 4 and 5. I will not make it there, but itís usually a good time. Hopefully Iíll have more to put up here soon.

Model Railroad Projects:
- Currently we are ripping up a lot of the mainline to place cork roadbed under it, and hopefully also clean up a few nasty spots in the track. All that has currently happened is a good bit of tack has been removed. This should see some more work soon.
- My brother and I are currently working on converting an old Athearn GP7 into a GP9B. We striped the shell of paint. The next step will be cut styrene pieces to fill in where the cab was. And work on correcting some of the details.
- Lastly I am working on my Walthers GP9, adding directional LED headlights and a functioning beacon. Some of the design work for the circuit has been completed, but I need to decide if I still want to use a 555 for the flashing beacon or not. If not its all back to the drawing boards. While I like the 555 I think I may try using some MOS-FET transistors instead. I need to look at this more.