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Amtrak Photos

The Coast Starlight makes its way across the Stenner Creek Trestle outside of San Luis Obispo. A Cascades F59PHI replaces one of the normal P42s on the train today.
Amtrak 798 has a private car right behind the cabbaggage today. Here it makes its way through Price canyon south of San Luis Obispo CA.
Amtrak 11 makes its way past S. Chorro after meeting the Amtrak 14 there.
The north bound Coast Starlight’s approaches Tunnel 8 on the east side of Cuesta Grade.
Amtrak P42s numbers 119 and 182 lead the southbound Coast Starlight, Amtrak train number 14 up Cuesta Grade.
Amtrak P42s number 120 and 122 lead the northbound Coast Starlight, Amtrak train number 11 up Cuesta Grade.
The southbound Coast Starlight Passes through South Serrano up on Cuesta Grade on its way to San Luis Obispo.
The east bound California Zephyr passes through the Carquinez Straight.
The southbound Coast Starlight enters the city of Pismo Beach.
The northbound Coast Starlight passes the Cal Poly swine unit.
The Coast Starlight heads into the horseshoe curve of Cuesta Grade.
The Coast Starlight has an interesting set of power today. An Amtrak California F59PHI, three P42s, and a Amtrak Cascades Cabbagage car.
The Pacific Surfliner Heads south towards Santa Barbara though vineyards just south of SLO.
Amtrak P42 number 116 pushes the Pacific Surfliner south. The train has just departed the SLO depot.
The northbound Pacific Surfliner is being pulled by F59PHI number 461, and 460 is on the tail end. Here they are passing a UP local as they pull into the depot in San Luis Obispo CA.
An Amtrak NPCU also known as a Cabbagage car leads the Pacific Surfliner south. These NPCU cars are F40PH's that have had the prime mover removed along with their traction motors. Their fuel tanks are full of cement to help compensate for the weight difference. They are used as a control cab and a baggage car.
The Cost Starlight makes it's way across the Stenner Creek Tressel near Cal Poly In San Luis Obispo.
F59PHI #461 is being refuled in San Luis Obispo. In the morning it will head south with the Surfliner which is currenlty being servaced behind it.
More P42's on the southbound Cost Starlight. Here they are pulling into the depot in San Luis Obispo CA.
Amtrak 463 along with a Pacific Surfliner train sit in SLO while the tracks down by Santa Barbara were washed out by storms in the January of 2005.
Amtrak P42's on the southbound Cost Starlight. This is their usual configuration.
A set of Amtrak P42's lead the Cost Starlight south out of San Luis Obispo. I wonder what 114 got the big scratch from?