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Mesquite Belt RR Layout Construction Photos


If you have any questions about building techniques or any questions about the layout or design, feel free to e-mail me!
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Selective compression makes it only a 8' elevator

Scenes from January 2004

Frank Dublin & Steve Gohman discuss the layout from Smithville "Bumper" Clayton & Frank at Smithville - notice the "staged" trains without track

Building where Igloo will go and the approach to the Brazos River Sealy being built

Scenes from October / November 2003

Ben Benda making sure the DCC does work after installation Steve Gohman's mock up of IH-610 Loop

Checking track alignment under the 610 Loop in Houston Checking placement of Igloo's Brookshire Plant with paint cans for silos!

Brazos River crossing with staging underneath Another look at the staging and bridge span

Looking from the Brazos River to 610 & more benchwork Dispatcher's Office & where Ft. Worth will be(sky)

Moving the 1rst benchwork into the depot in March 2003!

This is where the dispatcher's office will go Geary Johnson (kneeling) & Mike Ellis @ Eureka Yd

Sheetrocking where Eureka Yard will go in

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