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Watch the restoration of the Mesquite Belt's M-9G Speeder
The Mesquite Belt's Fairmont M-9G.
Is now beginning the restoration process!

Remember when Fred Flintstone suffered the same fate?
Jeff Ford and I pulled the motor, assisted by Mike Ellis, Photography Documentation Specialist with the Mesquite Belt. The easiest way to pull the engine mounting bolts was to lay it over.  The exhaust valve was found closed and REALLY greasy!  This is a good sign!  

This is the bottom view of the Fairmont.  A very simple machine, the engine drives a pulley that is attached to a large belt.  This belt has adjustable tension, so you don't burn up the belt while idling.  I have labeled the flywheels and the belt going to the rear axle.

After all but two bolts were off, we flipped it back to its wheels.  Then after those two were off, out it came!

Looking inside the water jacket, after the condensor was removed.  Not too bad, considering it's 30 years old!

How can one have a M9 without the Fairmont light switch cover?

If you have a question..Send e-mail to:
Plans are to restore it to running condition.   Stay tuned for new pictures as the restoration continues.....

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