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Milwaukee Road Structures
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This is a temporary layout for this page.Once I get more photo's they will be broken down into sections consisting of: Depots,towers,substations,roundhouses,etc.

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Duplainville Tower,1990
Photo by Joeseph Santucci

Cle Elum Washington depot,1997
Photo by Michael Keyes

Missoula Montana depot,
Photo by Keith Fink

Deer Lodge Montana depot,
Photo by Keith Fink

Harlowton Montana depot,south side.
Photo by Keith Fink

Avery Idaho depot,
Photo by Keith Fink

Cle Elum substation,1997
Photo by Michael Keyes

Substation and operator houses, Janney Montana.
Company publicitity photograph

Shown below are a series of photos taken by Michael Keyes in June of 1999 of the substation at Taunton Washington. Photos © Michael Keyes.

Columbia River bridge at Beverly Washington.
Photo © Michael Keyes

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