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Milwaukee Road History, Guide to website

About this site:

Documents originally published by the Milwaukee Road Public Relations department have been digitally scanned.  Both text and image content has been reformatted into a compelling web presentation of Milwaukee Road History.


Each document has been converted into a series of pages (called the "web version") that can be read by clicking on Next or Previous (page) links located at the top and bottom of each web version page.

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Clicking on any embedded image will open a separate web page with a larger view.

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  In the orange sidebar of each "web version" page there are annotations and links to photos and other information that is related to the document's original content.

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These annotations are a work in progress; new ones will be added as more content is prepared for the website.

Through the magic of the web's hyperlinks, these annotations are intended to complement the documented history, helping to keep the Milwaukee Road alive for all fans of this innovative and resourceful "fallen flag" railroad!


Each document can also be browsed from its own custom Table of Contents page.

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Photos and illustrations from each document have been separately indexed - available from the document's "images" page.

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Clicking on an indexed image will open a separate web page with a larger view.

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For most of the documents, scans of the raw pages are provided - available from the document's "original" page.

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Also, where useful, text-only pages are included for reference use. On the document's "full text" page, simply click the icon corresponding to the desired format (both HTML and MS Word formats are available). 


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Any comments, corrections, and suggestions are welcomed - simply contact the webmaster (below).

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Last Updated: October 07, 2007