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Pro-Passenger Rail Points

Passenger Rail Points .

Various pro-passenger rail articles, essays and other material that can help passenger rail advocates argue for expanded passenger rail service. The Webmaster will be happy to post additional materials Web site viewers suggest as useful.Please contact webmaster for Word versions of these posters.

Passenger rail points Valuable information to help you argue for passenger rail. Includes flyers, essays and other writings by people ranging from travel agents to Amtrak Reform Council members.
Writings on passenger rail Essays and other writings by people ranging from travel agents to Amtrak Reform Council members. Good reading and information on how to improve U.S. passenger rail.

Passenger rail points:

Flyer to help save Missouri's passenger trains. This is a Word flyer can be handed to passengers traveling on the Ann Rutledge and Kansas City/ St. Louis Mules which provide twice-daily service between Missouri's biggest cities. The train serves an important part of Missouri's traveling public and according to a Missouri Dept. of Transportation study, enjoys a significant (15%) amount of public support. It may be best to download this file to your computer. Please print, copy and distribute to cities, chambers of commerces, colleges and others interested in preserving the state's passenger trains.
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Saving the Southwest Chief This fact sheet describes the importance of keeping one of Amtrak's premier long-distance passenger trains, the Southwest Chief, which runs from Chicago to Los Angeles through Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Information about one of Amtrak's most popular and profitable long-distance trains.
Web version It may be best to download this file to your computer.

Passenger rail points This is a one-page (front and back) flyer providing arguments rail advocates. The flyer compares passenger trains to airplanes, cars and buses in terms of subsidies, cities served, environmental and travel benefits.

Benefits of long-distance trains Explains how Amtrak's long-distance trains, the ones that serve the majority of the U.S. population, serve a vital role in transporting passengers and are not the "money-losers" that Amtrak has labeled them. Long-distance trains, which have longer average passenger trips, carry more passenger miles and passengers per mile. 

Federal transportation funding by mode, 1982-2002 (NARP)
Chart shows federal investments in transportation infrastructure.

Writings on passenger rail

History of passenger train funding Speech by Amtrak Reform Council member James Coston which really goes into the inequal funding of rail transport. It's long but very worthwhile reading. Lots of facts in here, including a very long federal history of supporting aviation and highways. A must-read for passenger rail proponents.

Rail Travel Center's proposal for Amtrak service Views from a travel agent that has booked many Amtrak trips. The writer describes the spirit of pessimism that has dominated Amtrak's thinking has prevented the carrier from expanding routes that would decrease federal subsidy requirements and make for a more profitable Amtrak. Many other points.

Long-distance trains: sinkhole or scapegoat? From the director of the Midwest High Speed Rail Coalition. He explains how even Amtrak doesn't have accurate information on demand for long-distance passenger trains. A good defensive of the trains that serve the majority of Americans.

U.S. Rail is at a crossroads From a University of Kansas School of Law instructor, describes the U.S. government's deliberate shortchanging of proper rail transportation funding.


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