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Welcome to the Nutmeg Division!

The Nutmeg Division of the Northeastern Region of the National Model Railroad Association, Inc. covers the counties of Hartford, Litchfield, Middlesex, New Haven, New London, Tolland and Windham in Connecticut and Hampden and Hampshire Counties in Massachusetts. It is the oldest Division in the Northeastern Region, having been chartered by the NER on October 6, 1956. For over forty-five years, the Nutmeg Division has promoted the hobby of model railroading through a program of home and club layout visits, an Annual Meeting, a yearly train show, and other special activities.





MEMBERSHIP in the Division is automatic and free to all members of the NMRA. We encourage members to join the NER. Membership in the Division will entitle you to a subscription to our newsletter, The Nutmeg Flyer. The newsletter will keep you up-to-date on upcoming Division activities as well as other railroad and model railroad related activities.

People interested in model railroading and railroads who are not NMRA members may be considered Friends of the Nutmeg Division. For a fee of $2 per year they will receive a subscription to the Nutmeg Flyer and may participate in activities that do not require NMRA membership.

To join the fun, see the membership information listed below. If you have questions, please e-mail the President or Secretary listed below


Request to be Added to the Mailing List

Name: _____________________________________
Address: ____________________________________
: ____________________ St: ___ Zip: _______
Telephone: ( ) ___________
NMRA Member # _______ NER Member # _______

Please send this form to:
John Kennedy
121 Prospect Street
East Hartford, CT 06108





NMRA Member Aid Program in the Nutmeg Division

The Member Aid Program is a program that was developed to provide assistance to new members with the art and skills of the Model Railroad hobby.

Each Division is requested to provide a contact with the Member Aid program. This individual volunteers to answer questions or provide advice on a variety of topics. This individual is generally a highly skilled model railroader.

The Member Aid Chairman for the Nutmeg Division is Bob Van Cleef, MMR. You can find the information on how to contact Bob on the 'Brass Hats' page of this web site.






Membership Promotion in the Nutmeg Division

Membership Promotion is an on-going program of promoting membership in the National Model Railroad Association, the Northeastern Region and the Nutmeg Division. We believe that becoming a member of the NMRA, the NER and the Nutmeg Division will provide the information and the personal contacts that will make your introduction into this exciting and diverse hobby more enjoyable.

To further the goal of promoting membership in the NMRA, the NER and the Nutmeg Division, the Membership Promotion Department of the Nutmeg Division displays a member recruitment display at train shows throughout the Nutmeg Division's area. Recently, a promotional video has been produced using the layout photographs taken for the NER Convention in Cromwell last year. Look for it at a local train show.

The Membership Promotion Chairman is Al Daley. You can find information on how to contact Al on the 'Brass Hats' page of this web site.





NMRA Achievement Program

 in the Nutmeg Division

The Achievement Program of the National Model Railroad Association is a program that recognizes the acomplishments of an individual for both his/her modeling skills and his/her service to the National Model Railroad Association.

The Achievement Program is open to members of the NMRA, and administered by the NMRA. Each Region and each Division is requested to name an Achievement Program Chairman. This person provides the contact with the AP at the local level.

The Local AP Chairman can arrange to have your models or your layout evaluated for the Achievement Program. If the criteria for a particular Certificate have been fulfilled, the local Chairman will forward the paperwork up the line for approval by the National AP Chairman. After that approval has be obtained, the AP Certificates will be awarded.

The ultimate goal of the Achievement Program is the awarding of the title Master Model Railroader. An MMR will be awarded upon the completion of the requirements for seven (7) Achievement Program Certificates.

Achievement Program Certificates are generally awarded during the Awards portion of the Banquet program at the Spring or Fall Northeastern Region Convention.

The Achievement Program Chairman for the Nutmeg Division is Bob Van Cleef, MMR. You will find information on how to contact Bob on the 'Brass Hats' page of this web site.




To see a sampling of Nutmeg’s past activities you can see some of the past Flyers

If you are interested in modeling and contests, Nutmeg has an Achievement Program as well as Member Aid and member promotions

Meet some the Nutmeg’s        Brass Hats

View the current Nutmeg Constitution and By-Laws












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