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Johnston 16-wheeler
Note the wooden rails.
(A.C. Bellamy coll.)

The Marlborough Timber Co's Type 'A' 0-4-0 at Opouri Valley in the Marlborough Sounds. This lokey was transferred in 1924 to their operation at Port Craig where, because of its original home was called 'Nydia Bay'. It pushed a water tank mounted on a trolley in front. Cylinders were 6-3/4" in diameter (170mm) and the boiler operated at 140 psi (965 kPa).
(A.C. Bellamy coll.)

A 1928 scene on More & Sons Longwood operation. This was a rebuilt Type 'A' with flangeless center wheels giving added adhesion. it is equipped with a four-wheel tender for water and wood fuel.
(Riverton Museum)

1902 Type 'A' when on display at Porakino Pinic area near Invercargill. This was a More & Sons loco modified with the two flangeless center wheels. This locomotive was removed from Porakino and restored to static display condition. It now rests on its own wooden track in the main street of Riverton.

Photo: Jim More (2014)

More & Sons Type 'A' on their tramway near Riverton complete with four-wheel water tank.
(A.C. Bellamy col.)

Photographed outside Johnston's works in 1913, this loco was built for the Wairio Railway & Coal Co. but it later found its way into bush tramway service with Marlborough Timber Co. Port Craig. Cylinders were 7" (190mm) with a boiler pressure of 160 psi (1100kPa).
(A.C. Bellamy coll)

Another picture of the Wairio Railway & Coal Co. loco. The balloon stack was eventually replaced with a conventional stovepipe funnel. It was also fitted with a saddle tank and had its cab extended rearwards for extra firewood.
(G.C. Ditchfield)