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Southern California's Premier Modular Railroading Group

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Instead of building a large, permanent layout, members build and maintain modules that can be assembled with modules built by other members into a large, operating display. Each person works from the set of club standards that specify module construction. These standards include size, framework, track spacing, electrical wiring and interfaces. They assure interoperability amongst the modules, and permit the modules to be assembled in a variety of ways so that our display can be adjusted to the size and shape of the available space

Beyond the club-specified main lines, the individual members decide the era and theme of their modules. Individuality and creativity can be exciting when designing a switching yard, service area, industrial complex, agricultural area, or snaking the mainlines though a remote mountain pass.

The trains we operate sometimes mix eras or locations, so it is not uncommon to see a steam-powered train operating on the layout at the same time as a modern diesel-powered intermodal lashup.

Club Standards

PDF of Club Standards