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"Connecting the nation, one module at a time."

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For more information, or if you would like to join the Ohio Valley Free-mo, us the email links below. Please include "OVFM Info" in the subject line.

Main Contact: John McManaman -

If applying to join Ohio Valley Free-mo, use this format in your email, or cut and paste into a text editor, print and mail to: Ohio Valley Free-mo, 4024 Fulton Ave., Dayton, OH 45439.

Name: __________________________________ Date: ____/____/______

Address: ________________________________________________

City/State: ______________________ Zip Code: ____________

Phone: (____)____-_______ (circle one) Home Cell Work Other

Email Address: _________________________________________

Best time and/or method of contact: Phone - Mail - E-mail

Era Modeled: ___________________ Railroad Modeled: ____________________

Any Modules Constructed? YES / NO If yes, how many? ______

Details about modules or other questions and comments: _______________________

(A Word version of this form will be available in the future and can also be found on our fliers and handouts at train shows.)