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S.S. Keewatin (kee-way-tin) Homecoming

Port Mc.Nicoll June 23, 2012

On this date Keewatin came home, repatriated from the USA where it had been since it left Port on June 23, 1967!
For those 45 years it was a private museum at dock saved from the scrapper by Roland J. Peterson of Douglas, MI.
Bought by Skyline Investments developer of a dockside residential property once owned by the CPR.

The developer transferred ownership to a new group and it soon was opened to public tours in season.

A massive flotilla accompanies Keewatin into harbour.

Turned to face outward a huge crowd greets Keewatin.

Docked at its permanent location slightly farther away from where it first docked.

Four photos November 2015 : R. L. Kennedy



Two passenger cars (CP 65 and 1431) relocated from the long-closed Ossawippi Express Dining Cars in Orillia.
Intended to be used for a similar purpose the development soon stalled and the dining cars
were left to rot finally being scrapped in 2017.



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